Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Dies, Long Live the Fall

So, I'm back again, as the semester's starting.
I apologize to the three readers out there for my extended leave of absence, but I had to take on a series of other responsibilities.
I'm back now, with more responsibilities, but with the hopes of updating this more frequently.

So, what happened in the summer?
Adela Garza and Rene Torres won places as the new trustees, Obama got the democratic nod and selected Joe Biden as his running mate, Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart were dazzling in their roles in "The Dark Knight", and Dolly wreaked havoc in Cameron County.

That's as short as it gets, but let's get right down to business.
Summer (or like many fellow Scorpions call it, "Summer") has ended and now we're back in full swing for the semester.

Except those Scorpions that got suspended.
Oh well.

SAP is SAP, people. It's a 2.0 GPA and 70% course completion every semester.
It. Is. Not. Hard. To. Meet. SAP.
Just try a little bit.
Some of you will find it much easier than high school.
Others will not.
Either way, you've got an infinity of resources available for you. Just reach out and grab them.
Teachers openly invite students to visit them in their office if they have any doubts, and I've never, in two years and 93 credits, come across a teacher who made himself or herself unavailable.
Just ASK.

And if you stumble, well, you pick yourself back up again.
Failing is acceptable. Giving up is unforgiveable.

Moving on...

Scorpion Athletics (which will now take up a small $4ish per credit hour fee from your statement) has started out its seasons, so, as usual, come out and support your Scorpions. The baseball team made a surprising comeback this past season despite its abysmal performance at the beginning of the season. They ended up in a conference tournament for the third time in thirty years. Pretty sweet. And now, we've got ourselves an almost brand new volleyball team (only five return), women's soccer team (4 returners), so the games have been pretty exciting.

Admission is free with a student ID, so, come out to Morningside and support the soccer teams, or to the Manuel B. Garza Gym for the volleyball team.

The next "home" game in the Scorpion Nation will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 31, at Morningside Park, and it's the women's soccer team hosting their season opener against the Texas A&M International Dustdevils, who smashed the men's team 3-0 this past Monday.

Possible highlights: Forwards Julia Dell'Aquila and Linette Cuviliier, both newcomers (from Canada and Brownsville respectively) make mincemeat out of the opponents' net like they did against the Harlingen Celtics Soccer Club.

That's it for this update, and I'll see you next week.